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Why do we use protein supplements?

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A Note About Serving Sizes

What is referred to on your protein container as the "serving size" is just that. It is the size of the empty scoop. To check the protein per scoop, read the nutrition facts on the label. The protein value is usually listed at the bottom. Do not use a scale to determine protein grams. Use only the manufacturer's scoop.

Most people can absorb only about 30 grams at one time. Gastric bypass patients may absorb even less. The recommended "dose" is approximately 30 grams. Taking double doses won't hurt, it just costs more. We do not get the benefit of the larger dose. No one (except professional athletes) can absorb more than approximately 30 grams at one time.

The daily doses can be pre-measured dry; however, mixing the powder with liquid ahead of time can cause a loss of protein value and an accumulation of bacteria.

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